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  • How long are your lease terms?
    12 months. We allow subletting with approval of prospective sublessee.
  • When do leases begin?
    June 1st.
  • How can I tour a property?
    Use the 'Tour Now' button at the top of every page!
  • Can I temporarily hold a property that I would like to rent?
    Yes, there is a small fee for holding a property.
  • When do you start showing properties for the next school year?
    Typically early September -- but we start getting inquiries in August!
  • Do tenants get first opportunity at available rentals for the next lease term?
  • Is heat and/or water included in the rent?
    It depends on the property.
  • Who does lawn mowing? Snow shoveling?
    We do, and you do. Us = lawn. You = snow. Much easier to shovel the city sidewalks than maintain the lawn spring to fall!
  • Are pets allowed?
    Not always, but usually with approval and a pet agreement, deposit and a monthly fee. Certain dog breeds are not allowed due to insurance stipulations.
  • Can I sublet?
    The short answer is yes with approval. Contact us to let us know, have the prospective sublessee fill out a rental application and return it to us. Once approved you are free to use the Sublease Agreement form found in the FORMS section of our site.
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