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OffCampus La Crosse
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La Crosse, WI - Campus Area Rentals 

Hello there. Looking for a place to live that isn't a tiny apartment in a big building ...
or a place that's actually close to the three area campuses -- UW-L, WTC + Viterbo?
You've come to the right place. We have the largest inventory of single family and
multi-apartment houses within close proximity to La Crosse's higher education schools.

Why rent with us ...


  • Huge inventory of non-apt bldg housing

  • Efficiencies to 10 bedroom duplexes

  • Friendly, fair management

  • Responsive, in-house maintenance

  • Because living in a house is just way more fun

The rental process … 

1. You can browse our properties by the number of bedrooms you are looking for. (We know it would be sweet to have 3D Tours and lots of interior photos but our properties are always occupied -- and since they aren't cookie cutter -- it's best to see them in person. Besides, you wouldn't rent a place without touring it

first, would you?!)  

2. Identify available properties to tour that meet your needs -- location, number of bedrooms, rent, etc. 


3. Click the 'Tour Now' button and select the properties you'd like to view as well as the date(s) and time(s) you'd like to tour them. Try to coordinate with everyone who will be living at the property to view it at the same time. This way you will all be on the same page, and if you find a place to rent you can act on it -- properties often go fast!

4. Arrive at the property on time and meet the person who will be showing it to you out front. If you would like to snag a property, you can pay a minimal holding fee and we will hold the property for you for a short period of time. 

5. Sign the lease. We'll schedule the lease signing and go over the ins and the outs of the lease terms with you. Leases are for 12 month terms, but, with approval, you can sublet.


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